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Roman Holiday from Germany whith love

Anna Katharina arrived in Rome on holiday with her husband and their 2 wonderful children from
Germany and asked us to give them a wonderful portfolio of their Roman stay.
We met on top of the Capitoline Hill. An architectural masterpiece, beautifully designed and
organized by Michelangelo himself. From up there the views on The ruins of the Ancient Roman
Forum are unbeatable. Then you just cross the Piazza and the views are now on the Papal city, with
innumerable domes all over the panorama!


From the Capitoline Hill we walked down to the arches of the Theatre of Marcellus, one of the city’s
most iconic ancient Roman sites and into the Porticus of Octavian. The kids, aged 5 and 3 were
gorgeous and had a great time and loved being photographed.
A family holiday is always a very important time and the memories of these days are amazing to look
back upon. The more time passes the more special they become. We are happy to know that Anna
Katherina and her family will look back at these for a long, long time!

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