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A Beautiful Family Amongst Rome's Ruins

Lee Ann contacted us from the USA because she adores Italy and she was coming to visit with her family and wanted memories she could hang on her walls at home. We obliged.
It was a very special holiday for her: she was here with her husbad Rino, an Italian-American from Avellino who got to the US at the age of 7, and their two beautiful Daughters Gianna and Christina, one was graduating from High School and one was graduating from College. So they all came to Rome for this special family holiday and wanted us to make it Eternal for them.

It was clear from the get-go that they were a wonderful, tight-knit family and we had a great time with them: We visited the glorious Colosseum and the surrounding area, with Constantine’s Arch and then moved to the base of the Capitoline Hill with the beautiful churches and the Arch of Septimius Severus.
As the sun started going down we climbed the Capitoline Hill to enjoy the beautiful panorama over the domes of Papal Rome just as the Golden Hour was enhancing the beauty of Gianna, Christina and the whole family.
We spent a lovely sunset with them basking in the glow of the wonderful roman sunset. A truly Eternal moment….
Lee Ann told us she had a great time and that she will be back soon. We will be waiting……Arrivederci!!

We spent a lovely sunset with them basking in the glow of the wonderful Roman sunset. A truly Eternal moment….

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