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A different kind of romantic

For this photoshoot we had a big group who were tied by an old College friendship!
Three friends who had met and became friends at University, traveled to Rome together, but now all of them with wife and kids and decided this was a memory to hold on to forever!
So two of us walked around with these three families and photographed them all together but also separately everywhere we went!
We met early in the morning at the iconic Spanish Steps where we photographed all of their children in the sweet little Barcaccia Fountain and then in Family groups on the Stairs themselves.
From there we moved to the most famous fountain in the world: The Trevi Fountain, a veritable theatre in Marble.
We later walked through Rome’s medieval cobblestoned alleys and on to the Victor Emanuel monument which is always a wonderful backdrop to our photos and finished off in Rome’s landmark par excellence: The Colosseum!
Everywhere we went we photographed them separately and also together and there ore in the end was a great mix of family pics, children pics and all-together photographs too.
It was a very fun morning and we hope Rome will be an important part of their friendship from now on…

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