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Animesh, Veena & Akshadha

Animesh is a lucky man!
His wife is wonderrful and his daughter is a truly delightful force of nature. The three of them together make a wonderful family and this clearly showed in this fun fun photoshoot.
We met them early in the morning at the Trevi Fountain. At that time this Baroque wonder is empty, no tourist groups hoarding the whole area and therefore it truly feels yours. You can roam around the tiny Piazza with this huge fountain and truly enjoy it.
From the very beginning we noticed that little Akshadha would be the star of the show! She ran, laughed and jumped all over and really made this photoshoot great!
We walked to Hadrians Temple, and again the wide open space, still empty, gave us a lot of space to move around and truly get some great photographs. The same thing happened as we moved to the Pantheon and the beautiful Piazza Navona.

We took photographs of the three of them together as well as single portraits of each and of course photographs of Animesh and his beautiful wife, Veena,  in between the ancient columns, and by the baroque fountaind and on topk of the rickety cobblestones.
We stopped in one of our favourite hidden gem’s of the city: Bramante’s Courtyard and then moved to Bernini’s stunning Bridge of Angels. We walked down to the bans of the river Tiber and took our last photographs there.

We truly enjoyed this time together and we love the results. From the feedback they gave us it looks like they loved it too. We hope these photographs will make them onto their walls at home, and we wait to see them back in Rome one day!

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