Lighting / Portrait

Ben, Sarit and little Yoti

Ben and Sarit, visited Rome from Israel on the first holiday abroad they managed to take since the birth of their beautiful boy, Yoti.
For such a special occasion they wanted to be sure there would be professional photographers there to make sure that they could have memories of these special days. They said to us, “we need beautiful natural photos of these special days. Some may be posed but we want them to look natural..”
We met them near Capitoline Hill with its beautiful backdrops, like the imposing Victor Emanuel Monument and the Theatre of Marcellus. We then walked near the Tiber Island where they had parked their car.
That afternoon they were going to see an exhibition they had heard about, where they knew Yoti would have a great time.

So we met them at the Macro Museum, one of Rome’s contemporary art galleries and photographed them whilst they had a great time enjoying the interactive exhibition by Toshiko Horiuchi. Yoti had a blast!

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