Lighting / Portrait


Britney was travelling through Europe on her own and her boyfriend decided to buy her a 2.h our photoshoot with us around Rome!
We started at the Colosseum and walked through 2800 years of history along th Roman Forum and the Imperial Fora all the way to the huge Victor Emanuel monument.
From there we hopped on to a taxi and reached the area of the Campus Martius were we walked the wonderful, cobblestone alleys of medieval Rome and Stopped for a Gelato in one of Rome’s best: The Gelateria del Teatro.We then walked to view an unforgettable sunset from the Bridge of Angels, with a beautiful view on St. Peter’s and the Papal Castel Sant’Angelo.
With Dusk descending upon us and our beautiful walk, we headed to Piazza Navona to take photographs amongst the picturesque Artist’s stalls and Bernini’s unique fountains….

Britney truly was a gracious and beautiful model and Rome was a perfect background for her.

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