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Chefs in Rome!

Chefs arrived in Rome for their honeymoon and hired us to make their memories eternal.

Whilst on a cruise around Europe Delaina and Christian landed in Rome and we took them on a Cooking class with One Day Chef!
Our driver picked them up in Rome’s port of Civitavecchia and drove them to the Roman neighbourhood market of Piazza Vittorio where they met the Chef, Matteo, who brought them around the market’s stalls to shop for ingredients. It was also a good excuse to stop by Roscioli to try some of their awesome pizza!
After that our driver took them to the Cooking school where, after a welcome drink and Aperitivo, they started cooking their own lunch with the Chef.
Menu of the day:
Fresh Ravioli with Ricotta and Spinach, Tagliolini and Tiramisù!
They ate their meal and took notes in order to cook something just as yummy for Delaina’s mother Carlyn who gifted them this wonderful gift.

Of course we were there all the way to give them eternal memories of a city that is not only beautiful in its roads, alleys and Monuments but also in its wonderful cuisine!

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