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The Great Beauty

Daniel & Cindy

After days of bad weather, the rain subsided, the clouds cleared a little bit and we were lucky enough to be able to take this beautiful couple around our Eternal City.

Daniel and Cindy are an elegant couple and we thought this would show the most along the beautiful streets around the Spanish Steps where Rome’s most expensive boutiques are.

We met in front of the beautiful Bernini fountain of the wretched boat and from there walked around to the Column of the Immaculate Conception and finally up the winding, sensuous Spanish Steps. As we climbed, the views over the city became more and more impressive.

Cindy had requested some sunset photographs and some Panoramas over Rome.

From the Top of the Steps, we walked to the Liberty-Style Villa, The Casina Valadier, named after the great 19th Century architect.

The Views from up there were as dramatic as the cloudy sunset which happening behind Cindy and Daniel.

We then walked to another beautiful view, on the Pincio Hill, over the majestic Piazza del Popolo.

By now the sun had set and the weather was getting chillier. We said goodbye to this beautiful couple and hope they will look back on the photographs for a long time.

They called us as a surprise gift. We did a photo-shoot around this beautiful little town which was just fun, fun, fun!

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