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Three Generations from Singapore

Elaine contacted us from Singapore to have some memories of her holiday in Rome with her mother and her son. She realized that family holidays like this are important and unique times which one likes to hold on to and will look back upon forever. A family holiday which they will remember for many, many years.

We met very early in the morning at the Trevi Fountain. At that time of the day the crowds still haven’t packed the area and the Fountain feels like its all yours and you have a great freedom to move around.

From there we took a Taxi and moved to the Colosseum where we photographed by the majesty of this mythical Amphitheatre and in front of the Arch of Constantine.

3 generations together making memories in humanity’s 2800 year-old footprint. Memories they will look back upon for a lifetime and hopefully for more generations to come….

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