Lighting / Portrait


Kayln contacted us from the USA because she wanted a portfolio of herself around Rome, early in the morning when she could truly feel the city hers…
Great move! The city was still empty and the crowds were still sleeping when we met on top of Quirinal Hill, (now) the highest of Rome’s 7 Hills and the location of Italy’s wonderful Presidential Palace and a great view over the city.

From there we walked down, through beautiful winding alleys to the marvellous Trevi Fountain, grand and spectacular and it really contrasted wonderfully with Kayln’s dress…
From the theatrical and Baroque Trevi Fountain we moved to Piazza Venezia with the Majestic Victor Emanuel II monument  the ancient Column of Trajan and Trajan’s market. 1800 years of history in one unparalleled Piazza!
Rome is unique and so so varied and Kayln seemlessly blended with the beauty of the city as if she had always been a Roman Vestal…..

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