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Lisa and Brian

Lisa and Brian arrived in Rome for their honeymoon and hired us to make their memories eternal.

Lisa and Brian recieved a Roman Holiday Photographic Tour as a gift from their friend Meredith who had contacted us earlier. They knew we had an appointment by the beautiful Fontanone, a Baroque masterpiece at the top of Janiculum Hill, but they had no idea who we were, what we did or what this surprise wedding gift was going to be: they were very surprised and a little nervous at first, but very quickly started feeling at ease as we walked around the city. By the end of the tour they were dancing to live music on the Ponte Sisto!
We started by the beautiful fountain and then visited Bramante’s masterpiece, The Tempietto. Lisa and Brian smiled, laughed hugged and kissed all the time. We offered them a bottle of Italian Prosecco whilst Lisa’s red hair contrasted magnificently with the backdrop of Rome.

From there we walked down to the typical Roman cobblestoned alleys of Trastevere, where we found quaint alleys and street markets and finally on to see the sunset on the Ponte Sisto where they danced away to the Funky notes of a Roman jazz band….

We wish them to keep loving each other the way they do for ever and ever and ever and may the Roman sparkle follow them around for many years to come….

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