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Oh, the wonder of getting up early and having Rome all to yourself…

Samantha’s beautiful flowery dress, flowed through Rome’s Piazzas and alleys, cobblestone strreets and monuments, whilst there was almost no one around. the atmosphere was great and quiet and poetic and it made for some great photographs and very atmospheric moments.
Samantha, is a young travel blogger, who lives in Prague, and is the happy face behind
She travels the world, sees and experiences as much as she can and then hands out great tips on her site and great photos on her instagram @wanderingwanderluster
So she contacted us to take wonderful photographs in one of her favourite cities in the world: you guessed it, its Rome!

Being the seasoned traveller she is, she knew that waking up very early in the morning may be somewhat annoying, but the benefits you reap are huge: the city is all yours, the breeze in the summer is wonderful, and as the city wakes up, you truly get to experience it’s most beautiful and docile side.
We started in the romantic Trevi Fountain and her flowery dress and the water of the fountain flowed in unison. We then walked the empty narrow cobblestone streets to the imperious Temple of Hadrian and from there to the perfectly majestic Pantheon. We walked around its forest of monolith columns and the pretty Piazza surrounding it. From there we moved on to Rome’s most famous Piazza, the baroque marvel of Piazza Navona with its beautiful fountains…..and then more alleys, stairs, cobblestones, beautiful hanging Ivy, churches and more…
We finally reached the bridge of Angels and the Castel Sant’Angelo, such beautiful backdrops for timeless photographs, both from the bridge and from down below on the banks of the river Tiber.

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