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Seven Latvian Nymphs in Rome

Seven Latvian Nymphs arrived in Rome for their honeymoon and hired us to make their memories eternal.

Villa Borghese, the green-lung of central Rome, is a beautiful park with museums, fountains, dramatic statues, lakes and temples.
The perfect place for these 7 Latvian Nymphs to come celebrate one of their birthdays.
Six of them decided to celebrate Ieva’s birthday by organizing a trip to The Eternal City and make their memories Eternal by hiring Rome Vacation Photographer for a fun-filled photographic session.
We frolicked and had fun around the park and its innumerable possibilities for photography. The Nymphs were of course stunning, and a beautiful park like Villa Borghese was the perfect stage for our fun afternoon.

They now have photographic memories of this beautiful day to look back on forever.

If you are coming to Rome with friends or family, alone or with your partner make your memories eternal by booking us here!

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