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Wes & Noel

Wes & Noel arrived in Rome for their honeymoon and hired us to make their memories eternal.

Our Black Mercedes went to pick Wes and his wonderful wife Noel at their hotel and brought them to our meeting point at the Colosseum. With the world’s most famous landmark as a backdrop we started our photographic walk through what makes Rome eternal.
We walked down medieval, cobble-stoned alleys to quaint, romantic, hidden corners of the city and came out by the Imperial Fora and the Roman Forum.
From there we walked to the most beautiful fountain in the world: The Trevi Fountain, one of the world’s most romantic places was a worthy backdrop for this couple’s burning flame! Then our driver drove us to Capitoline Hill were our wonderful couple posed, hugged and kissed in front of our cameras. Michelangelo’s beautifully designed Piazza on top of the Hill was as usual stunning and unique. From there, we got back on the car for a drive up another hill: The Janiculum, were the views over the city are the most stunning. We finished with this limitless view of the Eternal City.

They looked elegant, graceful gorgeous, but most of all: in love!

Rome is short for Romance and Romance last forever in Rome.

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